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Who we are

We are same minded professionals who gathered together and started the first co-operative activity in the Baltic states to grow crickets and provide them as a raw material for food and feed to the world.

Global benefits of using Cricket protein

Crickets are sustainable and natural source of food. It is estimated that crickets are up to 20 times more efficient as a source of protein than cattle.

  • It requires much less water
  • Needs less feed to grow 1kg of mass
  • Significantly less land is needed
  • Less greenhouse gas emission
  • No antibiotics needed
  • 100% of cricket is edible

Considering rapid growth of population and environmental stamp it leaves behind it looks like that crickets are the next future food that helps to save our planet!

Personal benefits of using Cricket protein

Crickets are nearly a perfect source of complete protein. Protein amount in a dried cricket consists 60-70% of the whole mass. It contains all 9 essential amino acids as beef and chicken does. Human body cannot produce essential amino acids by itself, which is why they have to be consumed through diet. Amino acids are the buildings blocks of protein, they are necessary for growth and repair of damaged cells.   

Cricket protein is also rich in fiber, iron, vitamin-b12, calcium ant it is Gluten-free!